I like to use the following test with any content we put out.

I wrote it so many times in blog/socials reviews that some folks probably hate me a little bit but most folks seem to get it and change how they write after that. 

Here it goes. 

“Imagine reading this {content} to a room full of our target audience devs, {Insert your dev profile}.

Do you think they would nod or roll their eyes at you?

Would you even be able to say what you wrote or you’d cringe too hard?”

Often the answer is “I would absolutely never ever say it to devs”.

And then you know your content will not reach your dev audience in the right way. 

Also, a good way to quickly test it, is to put your ad/blog/social post in front of the devs from your company.

A lot to be learned from them too. 

Or just imagine saying what you are about to post to your CTO or that backend dev who thinks marketing is putting some nice colors on the website. 

Do you feel that the message is solid?

Great, you have a chance to resonate with your audience.